Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Activities

Training on Backyard Kitchen Garden and importance of nutritious food

The COVID pandemic has created a wide range of health issues among the human and it was very drastically affected the women. Now the community was in the part of restoration of their health and nutritional system. Hence we have organized the training program on Backyard Kitchen Garden which the concept to create the nutritious and healthy vegetables in the space available in our home.  

As a part of it, we have created awareness program on how to create a backyard kitchen garden and also importance nutritious foods. The program was organized at Kambanoor Village of Sivagangai district and it focused on the SHG women and also with the adolescent girls in the working villages. The program was headed by Ms.Rejina, Staff Nurse, Primary Health Centre, Palamedu Village. About, 15 women were participated in the training program, The training program focuses on the following areas,

  • Importance of nutritious food
  • Health and Hygienic Food practices
  • Varieties of nutritious rich foods
  • Benefits of the nutritious food practices
  • How to promote kitchen garden
  • Process to maintenance of the garden

The training program was ended with a doubt clarifying session, further at the end of the program, the participants was provided with Seed pockets to initiate the process of promoting the kitchen garden in their households.

Training program on SHG Bank Linkage and Financial Discipline

SHGs are the backbones of the formalised banking system in rural villages for the past 02 decades. Further, SHGs also brings the practices of Savings, Credits, repayment, and financial discipline among the rural poor women. As a part of it SAND also involved in the process of promotion of SHGs and mainstreaming them towards the government bodies, financial institutions, towards facilitating bank linkages for them.

SHG bank linkage is an important component of SHGs towards sustaining their progression and also viable to address their financial needs from the formal credit system, rather than go with money lenders.

Hence, SAND has organised a training program on “SHG bank linkages and financial discipline”for the SHG leaders in the Vairavanpettai Village. Mr.L.Doss has facilitated the training program for the participants, and he focuses on major aspects of the SHG Bank linkage and financial discipline as follows,

  • Introduction to SHG Bank Linkage
  • Savings to Loan Ration
  • Grading of SHGs on Bank Linkage
  • Repayment Scheduling
  • Financial Discipline in Repayment
  • Own Fund Vs Loan Fund
  • Rescheduling the Default Loans

The training was ended up with doubt clearing session with the SHG leaders, and the session was highly appreciated by the participants. All the participants were ensured to maintain a financial discipline in bank linkage and repayment, and will get more formal credits for the member needs and requirements.

Health Awareness Program for Women

Health awareness program for the women and adolescent girls was organised, since the government was announced the viability of the occurrence of COVID 3rd wave in India. As a part of it, SAND has organised awareness programs for the women and adolescent girls in the Kambanoor Village. 

Ms.Rejina, Staff Nurse, Primary Health Centre at Palamedu has headed the program and has given in-depth orientation about the COVID 19 and its harms to the human lives. The training focuses on various aspects of COVID 19 as follows,

  • Overview about COVID virus and the pandemic
  • Cause and symptoms of the disease
  • Preventive measures and precautions to be taken
  • Awareness of health and hygiene
  • Important of the nutritious food practices
  • Importance and benefits of Vaccination
  • Benefits of wearing masks, sanitization, etc

Further, they were also cleared detailed about the importance of vaccination of their children. At the end of the training program, the list of people who were not vaccinated among the participant, family and relatives were taken, and they were follow-up by the field staffs towards get vaccination. The participants were provided with “KabasagaKudineer” which was a organic health drink which was recommended by the Health Department, Government of Tamil Nadu.