Skill & Entrepreneurship Development

Skill & Entrepreneurship Development

Training program on entrepreneurship development

Focus of the training program

The training program was organized towards inculcating the concept of entrepreneurship development among the Self-Help Group Women in the rural villages and enable them towards promoting a viable business activity as a group, or on their own.
Mr.L.Doss, was facilitated the training program and he has ample experience in SHG – Microfinance, Bank Linkages and Entrepreneurship Development.

Progress of the training  

The training starts with introducing about the purpose of the training and expecting the need expected from the participants of the training. It is emphasizing that they are going to understand about the entrepreneurship and group activity holistically and going to identify viable and sustainable activities possible in the available context.

Business Idea: The content starts with dividing them in to groups and facilitate them towards bringing the list of group business activities they known with them. Such a way they came off with list of business activities. Further the discussion was facilitated towards making them understanding to get a successful business idea by coating them examples of success stories.

Components of business: In which the participants were made clearly understood about various components and economic activities involved in a group business activity by giving them practical examples from the list of activities they identified. Overall, the session focusing on understanding dimensions in group business activity

Daily Activity Schedule: This session focused on understating them about scheduling day to day activities in a business in which taking an activity available in their surroundings and explained about scheduling it. Further they were grouped and they come out with daily activity schedule for two group business activities from the list they prepared earlier and presented.

Managing Human resources: The session starts with understanding talents of the human involved in a business and fitting them with right opportunities. Further the session clearly deals about delegating roles and responsibilities with the individuals and importance of rotation of it by taking example of available business activity. Finally, it deals about leadership in a group business activity

Marketing: In which the ideas and aspects of marketing were focused with practical expels of business activities available in the surroundings. The session ends up with making them understanding about importance of market analysis and base work on marketing before implementing their business

Business Finance: This session tries to groom them towards notebook maintenance and calculating income and expenditure and actual profit in a day-to-day business activity. In which they were grouped and came out with their calculation for an activity

Viable business activity assessment: Finally, the participants discussed and come out with viable group business activities relating to the available context. They also gave an idea about nature, progress and sustainability of the activity.

Outcome of the training

The training session focused on holistically understanding the components and dynamics in group business activity and sensitizing them towards bringing them as successful entrepreneur and running a viable and sustainable group business activity. The outcome which facilitated that the participants learnt are as follows,

  • Bringing a viable business idea with the existing context
  • Various Components and activities in a business
  • Scheduling day to day activity
  • Delegation of roles and responsibilities
  • Rotation of roles 
  • Leadership in business firm
  • Ways and techniques in Marketing
  • Market analysis and preparation on marketing in a business
  • Maintenance of books of accounts
  • Calculation income and expenditure
  • Profit calculation and profit sharing in a business
  • Prioritizing and contextualizing viable business activities

Assessment of the participants Attitude

Participants Attitude: Participants were nicely cooperated till the end of the training session and everyone were actively participated. They are punctual and on time to the training. They have the confident of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Attitude toward group business activity: Participants were having positive attitude towards initiating entrepreneurship activity. They have the confident of managing their personal time to their family and work time.

Camp is surrounded by more than 10 villages and they can easily access to all the villages easily hence they have the confidence that they can do business successfully.