Enabling Grassroots leadership

SAND Trust focus on enabling grassroots democracy in Panchayat raj institutions for the betterment of poor and weaker section, ensuring social justice, attaining direct democracy in Panchayat Raj System and making the panchayats economically self-sustainable. As a part of it SAND was involved in enabling grassroots leaders in the panchayat raj institutions. The activities in the program includes,

Support in the process of weaker sections participation in the election process at village level

Identified the leaders in the villages at all levels includes Panchayat leaders, ward members, working committee leaders and enabling rapport with them

Creating awareness among the leaders about the 73rd and 74th amendment which was constitutionally approved by the government of India

Capacity Building of leaders is the core program which includes, Roles and responsibilities of panchayat raj institutions

Roles and responsibilities of people functionaries which includes – President, Ward Members, Vice President, Treasurer, etc

Key performing areas of working groups in the panchayats

  • General Standing Committee
  • Finance, Audit and Planning Committee
  • Social Justice Committee
  • Education and Health Committee
  • Agricultural and Industries Committee will be trained to the particular

committee members in the village panchayat.

    Strengthening the People Democracy through Advocacy

    It’s the tradition in India, that the every village has a forum of gram panchayat which will discuss and take decision about  different  aspects in the villages. The past of the GramPanchayat institutions in India goes back hundreds of years. But, after independence, the Panchayat system was not properly implemented and it was neglected.

    SAND Trust realized that these institutions need to be vibrant and responsive to the needs of the people to bring about lasting progress, benefiting all. Thus, SAND Trust launched the programmed, of ‘Strengthening the People Democracy through Advocacy’, to promote and strengthen the informal functional groups in the village to get involved in the Panchayat raj institutions and itsassociations. The programme mainstreams the existing traditional systems with the Panchayats Raj institutions to increase the participation of the community.