Employability through skill development

There is a range of skills that are required in an  economy  and  there  are various ways in which to acquire them.There are  various  set  of  skills  for which formal education is not a prerequisite. The mission on Skill India has provides various opportunities towards enabling skill to the unemployed and underemployed youths. Such, a way the unemployed and underemployedwomen and youths in the working villages were facilitated through short term skill training programs through the government skill training programs and enabled employment opportunity and also facilitated through bank loans to initiate any income generation activity. The training programs will support the youths in terms of enabling a skill, and to get an emplo9yment opportunity in organised sector, and ensured a regular income to their family. This will facilitates the youth participating in their family economy and able to run their family self esteemed.

Strengthening the People Democracy through Advocacy

It’s the tradition in India, that the every village has a forum of gram panchayat which will discuss and take decision about  different  aspects in the villages. The past of the GramPanchayat institutions in India goes back hundreds of years. But, after independence, the Panchayat system was not properly implemented and it was neglected.

SAND Trust realized that these institutions need to be vibrant and responsive to the needs of the people to bring about lasting progress, benefiting all. Thus, SAND Trust launched the programmed, of ‘Strengthening the People Democracy through Advocacy’, to promote and strengthen the informal functional groups in the village to get involved in the Panchayat raj institutions and itsassociations. The programme mainstreams the existing traditional systems with the Panchayats Raj institutions to increase the participation of the community.