Children Skill Development Activities

Children Skill Development Programs

After School Program

After school program is initiated by SAND Trust to support the children in rural areas for their better performance in their subject studies and language development. Since, in rural areas most of the children were dropout from their formal education and they were sent for works in any unorganized sector, or they will be utilized for their livelihoods of the family. Further, the families in rural areas will not get proper guidance in the education system. 

 COVID – 19 has made a long gap in the formal education system for the children in India, especially the children in rural areas. Due to the COVID issue, the schools and other educational institutions were under full lockdown during 2020 – 2021. Further, during the 2nd lockdown period the schools were initiated the classes through online platform. Since, the existence of digital divide, the rural families was not getting better access to the digital platforms. Further, their level of digital literacy is very poor. 

Hence, the children in rural villages had a gap of about 02 years in the education system through the formal classroom environment. Further, there were more dropouts after the reopening of schools after lockdown especially in the rural areas. Children were also felt difficulties in cope up with their subject education after 02 years of lock down. 

Hence, SAND focuses on providing bridge education to the children in rural areas to make them recall their subject knowledge and also support in their language development. The key activities focused during the after school program,

  1. Bridge Sessions on subjects
  2. Special classes on Mathematics 
  3. Language Development sessions

Bridge Sessions on Subjects: It support to recall their subjects which was withheld before the period of lockdown.

Special Classes on Mathematics: Mathematics were very difficult to cope up for the rural children, hence special classes were done for the children to bridge the gap in their curriculum.

Language Development Sessions: Rural Children were very poor in language development (English). This session is focusing on language development of children in all the four aspects (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).

During every session, children were ensured with proper Temperature Screening, Washing their hands with Sanitizer, and proper wearing of Masks. All other COVID regulations were ensured and followed.

Camps on Arts and Crafts

The major ripple effect of the COVID 19 pandemic was affects various other components above the health issues and life losses. The various other dimensions people was affected other than health were as follows,

  • Education
  • Livelihood
  • Business
  • Increase in Debt

In which SAND was focused on ensuring proper mainstreaming of children to their educational system and no dropouts should be happened after the resuming of formal schools in the COVID 19 pandemic.

As a part of the process of their education development program SAND has initiated camps on Arts and Crafts on working villages to create interest among the children to continue their education, support skills to concentrate on their curriculum, and motivates the children to back to their school education system. 

SAND also conducted individual and family counselling of children, who are dropout from their schools. The program of camps on arts and crafts focuses on various activities such as;

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Paper Toys
  • Objects using charts, etc

Students were provided with the required materials of charts, color papers, coloring sketch, paints, etc. The children were facilitated towards any concept, or theme and they were asked to prepare their own creations. The trainer was facilitated and supported the children to enrich their creations. After the initial level of art creation by the children on their own, the trainer was given the inputs to the overall children about the techniques of each activity.

Further, he facilitates the children to make corrections on each activity, and made them to do better performance in their creations. The training on the arts and crafts was increase the confidence level of the children, and it also facilitates better involvement in studies and extracurricular activities. 

Mr.Manikavelan, Guest who has ample experience in arts and crafts who has facilitated the camp and children were actively participated in the camp activities. 

During the camp activity, children were ensured with proper Temperature Screening, Washing their hands with Sanitizer, and proper wearing of Masks. All other COVID regulations were ensured and followed.

Progress of the competition

  1. The competition was initiated by introduction from Mr.Manickavelan, the guest and he detailed about the theme of the event and also detailed what the expectations from the competition
  2. All the children were provided with the required things such as chart papers, colour sketches, and other colour materials for the competition
  3. Children were started involved in the competition and actively doing their arts and works during the event
  4. The guest was also support and guides the children during the competition
  5. At the end of the activity, all the drawings, paintings, and other works were collected from the students
  6. The panel was finalizing the competition winners and provided the gifts to the winners during the event
  7. Further, all the children were provided with certificates

A Glimpse of the competition for the children in survayal village