Agriculture Development through Organic Farming

Organic farming is a science of agriculture that utilizes the biological means of cultivating crops with a coordination to the nature.  Effective practice of organic farming can be very useful in every aspect and can be highly profitable in comparison to the traditional and chemical farming.

 Practice of organic farming can be very cost effective and the production cost can be reduced to over 25 percent in comparison to the traditional farming. The nutritional benefits of food grown in organic farming are significantly superior than the  crops  grown  by  the  other  modern conventional methods.

Hence, the organic farming was established to the marginal farmers in the SAND working villages. In which, the farmers were undergone training on organic farming practices. Further, they have also ensured with proper good quality organic inputs such as

  • Seeds and Seedlings
  • Planting Materials
  • Organic Manures
  • Verimicompost
  • Green manure crop seeds
  • Bio fertilizers and Bio pesticides, etc

Further, few of the farmers were involved in integrated farming practices through the training and inputs of the agriculture department.