Naattu Vakkeel Kaiyedu
Thani Panchayat

SAND guided Dr. Ambedkar Girama Vuzhaikum Makkal Manitha Vurimai Iyakkam to publish the book “Naattu Vakkeel Kaiyedu (Barefoot Lawyers

  Koozhaangal is the Children booklet published by SAND trust. In this year SAND able to bring two issues of Koozhangal. The contents of this booklet only for children. This booklet consists of songs, riddles, small stories and drawings that were created by the children, for the Children, of the children.

The Separate Panchayat talked about separate Panchayat through legal system.
Sirappu Utkuuru Thittam
Kudimai samuga arasiyal
Documentry Film - DVD

SAND concentrating on Schedule Caste Sub Plan (Special Component Plan) through Poster Campaign.

This book discussing about Development of Castes and Annihilation of Caste and suggesting the work plan for the Dalits for next 10 years with Dr. Ambedkar Perspectives

Documentary Film: . SAND a journey in the developmental context

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