SAND is currently involved in implementing an Integrated Community Development Programme for poverty reduction with five interconnected and interdependent sectors.

(i) People’s movement involved in Activism. The focus of our people’s movement activism is to alleviate rural poverty and empower people. Social Action Groups (SAG) like Men Sangam, Women Sangam, Youth Sangam and Children Sangam will instrumentalise the empowerment. Providing them capacity building, facilitating access to information and helping them build sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their family. We mainly target the poorest of the poor and many of them Dalit women, men, youth, and children.

(ii) Strengthen Peoples Democracy on a Grassroots level. As a means to facilitate for poor and illiterate people to access information and learn about their rights as a member of civic communities. SAND concentrated on Residential Training and Field Trainings on legal aspects, Micro–Macroeconomic policies which affect grass root economy, people Governance etc. One of the most important objective of our entire training module is to encourage participatory democracy and provide basic information for village on how to vote, register for government schemes etc. We also aim at breaking the prevailing digital divide between rural and urban India. We also run and owned the “information Bank” to enlighten the practical intellect of the civic community.

(iii) Value based Education centers. SAND is committed to eliminating child labour. We define every child excluding the school as potentially engaged in labour. In order to meet the different needs of children we work through a number of programmes like Green Cadres, Infotainment Intellectuals and a child sponsorship programme all of which employ alternative and innovative teaching methods. We are careful not to create parallel structures to those set in place by the Government I instead we aim at identifying and filling existing gaps. The overall aim of all on educational interventions is to prepare children for regular VBE unties on minimum target is that all children shall complete grade ten.

(iv) Social Advocacy to build Social Networking with grass root people. SAND focusing on Basic Dalit Rights to be reached at marginalized and poor amongst poor. We concentrated on Right to Information Act, Domestic Violence against Women, The Prevention of Atrocity Act, Special Component Plan, and Dalit Land Rights.

(v) Organic farming for Green Politics Ecosystem makes up our plants life support system. They are fundamental to human health and indispensable to the well being of all people. Therefore the link between environmental changes and human health form another priority area for SAND. Inorganic waste Components are segregated and bio degradable waste is processed into organic manure in Vermicompost. Through the solid waste management projects, marginalized groups are offered employment opportunities while the local environment in poor village is improved and soils are rejuvenated. All our solid waste management initiate as conducted in close compaction with the concerned people


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